Chemo from the bag

Time for a new update! Today I had my first chemo session between 10 a.m. and 00:12 p.m. There is quite a bit to be done here! As you can see below, there are no less than 30 drip bags hanging on the rack!

The rack full of infusion bags for the first session!

Not all of these bags are filled with chemo though! the two large pockets on the left contain the chemo and the other three somewhat smaller pockets contain various medicines to ensure that everything runs smoothly, for example there is a solution with stomach protection in it and I think some fluids to prevent nausea, diarrhea and to suppress vomiting. First the three small bags were pumped into my body, when that was completely done, the chemo was switched on. Let me immediately bring the good news: from this first session I have not noticed many unpleasant side effects! At times a light feeling in my head and some weakness in my body, but nothing else! I hope that this will stay that way, because the more sessions are done, it will of course all get a bit worse!

From what I understand they come at 16 p.m. (local time Moscow, 00 hour time difference with the Netherlands) for the next session. If, after that session, I also feel fine, I will expand this message or post a new update!


For now at least very relaxed! Oh yeah; you have to go to the toilet a lot because of the chemo, I think I have to take a pee break every XNUMX minutes! Taking a lot of fluid is also important to rinse everything out of your body!

Update: the second session has just been. This was not a chemo but a solution with stomach protectors and with steroids. The second chemo session will take place tomorrow at XNUMX a.m.

See you soon,

2 Responses to “Chemo from the bag

  • Peter and Ina
    1 maand ago

    Hopefully it will go so great all 4 days! Now just to find out what is in the bags, what you get at 16 p.m.

  • Peter and Ina
    1 maand ago

    We are out: no chemo: 1 is fluid with steroids, the other fluid with stomach protectors.

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