The new flyer is ready

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  • gig anda schouten
    3 months ago

    gosh how good of you to try this!
    my daughter has had MS since 4 years, probably all her life because of her complaints.
    she is now in the middle of a chup, attack, and her legs are in bad shape now, had a three-day kute drip with pretnisolone last week and now just waiting to see what the permanent damage is, she has been rejected, her work can, where such a passion for it no longer perform, hard to see it all, she is 30 years young!

    • GeertsenS
      3 months ago

      Annoying to hear Jolanda, good luck with the cure for her. I also had a prednisolone treatment once and helped me well!

  • Dear Jolanda, how is your daughter doing now?
    Greetings from Ina, mother of Stephan.

  • Bep de Jong
    1 maand ago

    Dear Stephan

    We wish you a lot of strength during this tough cure,
    and hope for positive messages.
    Also a lot of strength for your parents.

    Sincerely ,
    Henk and Bep de Jong.

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