The redeeming word ...

Today was the conversation with Dr. Fedorenko to discuss the results of all examinations and to receive a definitive answer as to whether or not I am eligible for treatment. This was quite exciting considering another Dutch patient just before me was told that he unfortunately NOT was eligible for treatment. His studies showed that his EDSS score (invalidity score) was higher than previously determined in the Netherlands. The investigations showed that this treatment could do too little for him and probably also entail too great a risk. My heart broke for him and his two brothers who had come with him, I can hardly imagine how hard such news would come in. My heart goes out to Marvin and his family and I hope they can find a solution!

Fortunately for me the result of the conversation was positive. The studies have shown that I am in good health outside the MS and fall within all criteria for successful treatment! The results of the MRI of the brain, neck and backbone have been reviewed and the doctor showed new damage sites, as well as which areas still showed activity. I have not seen an MRI of my backbone before, so this was also very interesting. It could be seen that somewhere at half the height of my spinal nerve there was an active damage site, which already covered about XNUMX% of the diameter of the spine. The doctor said that if this damage covered XNUMX% of the nerve, this would result in disability. So luckily we are still on time!

Furthermore, it has been estimated that for me the treatment has about a XNUMX% chance of success, which means that the progression of the disease will stop and I can even recover to my physical condition about a year ago. Very nice to hear of course!

Tomorrow the treatment will start, I will start with G-CSF injections to stimulate the production of stem cells and a steroid cure to suppress any inflammatory activity. So the circus can start! Very happy with this result, I am ready!

if you are curious about the conversation with the doctor, you can see it below.


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