Hello all! As indicated yesterday, after two days of harvesting stem cells, we have not been able to collect enough, so a third day had to be stuck to it. So today I have been stuck with that device for about five hours, but fortunately not without results! In the meantime, 2,1 million stem cells per kilogram of body weight have been collected and we are therefore above the 2 million mark! Great news, which means that we can continue with the next phase tomorrow: chemotherapy.

To prepare for the next phase, the current neckline is first removed. The purpose of this neckline was to administer prednisone and connect it to the dialysis device and this is now over. Below you can see how the neckline is removed (Warning: contains medical images! If you can't handle this well, you might better skip the video below.

For those who are wondering: No, I was not stunned. And no, it didn't hurt either! The nurse removed the stitches very carefully and when removing the neckline itself I only felt a pressure on my throat because the nurse had to keep pressure on the wound. I heard from some patients this would hurt quite well. Perhaps I was just very lucky!

After removing this first neckline, a new one is placed immediately about one hour later. The new neckline has 3 connections instead of 2 and is intended for administering chemo and all kinds of medication to steer the process in the right direction. The new neckline looks like this:

Second neckline

As you can see I am already shaved and ready to start the chemo tomorrow morning at around 10 o'clock! Pretty exciting though, I have never had chemo. I hear very different stories (one is very sick of it, the other hardly notices). I just let it happen and we'll see!

For now at least one last time to sin before I have to be very good and healthy with my food for a long time!

One more good sin than 😉

See you soon!

Greetings, Stephan

5 Responses to “Ready!

  • Peter and Ina
    1 maand ago

    We are SO incredibly proud of you, dear! You are doing great!
    But again, I have said before: if things are going to go less, be honest, you can kick, hit and scold! We are here for you!
    Big kiss from your father and mother! ❤

  • Lenie Bezuijen
    1 maand ago

    Unbelievable how you endure this, I keep saying you are really a hunk, starting tomorrow 4 days chemo and you will certainly succeed.
    A lot of strength and thank you very much for your update!
    hugs from Henk and Lenie

  • Ans Zouali
    1 maand ago

    Great how positive you are.
    Despite all the medical "misery" nevertheless also very nice unforgettable moments and experiences so far: With your parents, fellow sufferers, high visitors from the Netherlands, and nice staff.
    All that will help you through it.
    Strength with the sequel!

    • GeertsenS
      1 maand ago

      Thank you for the lovely message Ans! It is all going very well here, so happy with the team and the group of patients here! Greetings to Medi, Skander and Donja!

      ❤ Stephan

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