We need your help to get the money for the treatment! In the Netherlands it is currently not possible to get an aHSCT treatment (for MS). In other countries this is possible. In addition to the fact that this treatment is not yet being performed in the Netherlands, the treatment is also not reimbursed via health insurance. This means that the patient must fully pay for the treatment. For this reason my call to contribute.

Mexico and Russia are examples of countries where the aHSCT treatment for MS has been successfully performed for several years. In the above countries, treatment costs around € 90.000 in total. The travel and accommodation costs, and costs for the aftercare process are included in this. Do you want to contribute to this? Then look at 'Donate' for more information. Do you want to know more about the aHSCT treatment? look at "The aHSCT treatment".

81.428 / 90.000

Total amount raised: € 81.428,57

* updated on 10-02-2020